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Integrity protection for Google Play Games

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Google Play Games for PC supports integrity protection through the Play Integrity API and several other Google Play features that ensure your game hasn’t been tampered with or installed from and untrustworthy source.

Play Integrity API

The Play Integrity API helps protect your games from potentially risky and fraudulent interactions allowing you to respond with appropriate actions to reduce attacks and abuse such as fraud, cheating, and unauthorized access. The Play Integrity API is the successor to both SafetyNet Attestation API (SNAA) and Play App Licencing APIs. SNAA does not work with Google Play Games because SNAA returns only negative signals when verifying the integrity of Google Play Games.

Device Integrity Field

Ensure that you allow a deviceRecognitionVerdict of MEETS_VIRTUAL_INTEGRITY when supporting a game on Google Play Games.

The deviceIntegrity field contains a single value, deviceRecognitionVerdict, that represents how well a device can enforce app integrity. By default, deviceRecognitionVerdict can have one of the following labels:

  • MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY: The app is running on an Android device with Google Play services. The device passes system integrity checks and meets Android compatibility requirements.
  • MEETS_VIRTUAL_INTEGRITY: The app is running in a virtual Android environment with Google Play services, currently limited to Google Play Games. The environment meets core Android compatibility requirements and passes Google Play integrity checks.
  • No labels (for example, a blank value): The app is running on a device that has signs of attack (such as API hooking) or system compromise (such as being rooted), or the app is running on a non-physical device (such as an emulator) that does not pass Google Play integrity checks.

The Play Integrity API uses the deviceRecognitionVerdict label MEETS_VIRTUAL_INTEGRITY to indicate that the game is running on Google Play Games. The following is an example of a passing response from the Play Integrity API:

deviceIntegrity: {
    // "MEETS_VIRTUAL_INTEGRITY" indicates the game is running on Google Play Games
    deviceRecognitionVerdict: ["MEETS_VIRTUAL_INTEGRITY"]

If you have a cross-platform game also available on mobile, then ensure your validation logic is checking for the both MEETS_VIRTUAL_INTEGRITY and MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY as one does not imply the other.

Do not turn on untrustworthy device exclusion in Play Console

The Google Play Console has a setting that allows you to prevent your app from being available to install from Google Play on devices that don’t pass integrity checks.

This feature is currently incompatible with Google Play Games and and prevents game distribtion to the platform. Do not enable this exclusion rule in the device catalog.