Sample, Codelab and Developer Stories

Sample App

The ADPF sample app demonstrates the basic use of the ADPF API.

ADPF Demo Game Application
Figure 1. ADPF Demo Game Application

The sample displays the device's thermal status using the ADPF getThermalHeadroom API and the thermal status API. The app also dynamically changes the workload based on the Thermal headroom and the Performance Hint Manager API to control render thread performance.


The Integrating Adaptability Features Into Your Native Game codelab guides you to integrate ADPF features into your game with simple steps that you can follow at your own pace. At the end of the codelab, you will have integrated the following features and will better understand their functionalities:

  • Thermal API: listen to device thermal condition and react before the device falls into thermal throttling state.
  • Game Mode API: understand player's optimization preference (maximize performance or preserving battery) and adjust accordingly.
  • Game State API: let the system know the state of your game (loading, playing, UI, etc) and the system can adjust resources accordingly (boost I/O, or CPU, GPU, etc).
  • Performance Hint API: let the system know your threading model and workload so that the system can allocate resources accordingly.
ADPF Codelab Infographic
Figure 2.ADPF Codelab Infographic

Developer Stories

Check out how game developers increased their FPS stability and optimize their power consumption using Adaptability APIs in these developer success stories!