public static class GridLayout.Spec
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.gridlayout.widget.GridLayout.Spec

A Spec defines the horizontal or vertical characteristics of a group of cells. Each spec. defines the grid indices and alignment along the appropriate axis.

The grid indices are the leading and trailing edges of this cell group. See GridLayout for a description of the conventions used by GridLayout for grid indices.

The alignment property specifies how cells should be aligned in this group. For row groups, this specifies the vertical alignment. For column groups, this specifies the horizontal alignment.

Use the following static methods to create specs:


Public methods

boolean equals(Object that)

Returns true if the class, alignment and span properties of this Spec and the supplied parameter are pairwise equal, false otherwise.

GridLayout.Alignment getAbsoluteAlignment(boolean horizontal)
int hashCode()

Inherited methods

Public methods


public boolean equals (Object that)

Returns true if the class, alignment and