public static final class ImageViewStyle.Builder
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.autofill.inline.common.ImageViewStyle.Builder

Builder for the ImageViewStyle.



protected final Bundle mBundle

Public constructors


Public methods

ImageViewStyle build()

Returns a subclass of BundledStyle built by this builder.

B extends BaseBuilder<T extends ViewStyle, B> setBackground(Icon icon)

Sets the background.

B extends BaseBuilder<T extends ViewStyle, B> setBackgroundColor(int color)

Sets the background color, it will always override the setBackground(Icon), regardless of which set method is call first.

B extends BaseBuilder<T extends ViewStyle, B> setLayoutMargin(int start, int top, int end, int bottom)

Sets the layout margin through the view's layout param.

ImageViewStyle.Builder setMaxHeight(int maxHeight)

Sets a maximum height for the image view.

ImageViewStyle.Builder setMaxWidth(int maxWidth)

Sets a maximum width for the image view.

B extends BaseBuilder<T extends ViewStyle, B> setPadding(int start, int top, int end, int bottom)

Sets the padding.

ImageViewStyle.Builder setScaleType(ImageView.ScaleType scaleType)

Sets the scale type of the image view.

ImageViewStyle.Builder setTintList(ColorStateList imageTintList)

Sets a tint color to the image view.

Protected methods

abstract B extends BaseBuilder<T extends