public class DetailsOverviewRowPresenter
extends RowPresenter

   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.Presenter
     ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.RowPresenter
       ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.DetailsOverviewRowPresenter

This class is deprecated.
Use FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter

Renders a DetailsOverviewRow to display an overview of an item. Typically this row will be the first row in a fragment such as the DetailsFragment. The View created by the DetailsOverviewRowPresenter is made in three parts: ImageView on the left, action list view on the bottom and a customizable detailed description view on the right.

The detailed description is rendered using a Presenter passed in DetailsOverviewRowPresenter(Presenter). Typically this will be an instance of AbstractDetailsDescriptionPresenter. The application can access the detailed description ViewHolder from DetailsOverviewRowPresenter.ViewHolder.mDetailsDescriptionViewHolder.

To participate in activity transition, call setSharedElementEnterTransition(Activity, String) during Activity's onCreate().

Because transition support and layout are fully controlled by DetailsOverviewRowPresenter, developer can not override DetailsOverviewRowPresenter.ViewHolder for adding/replacing views of DetailsOverviewRowPresenter. If further customization is required beyond replacing the detailed description, the application should create a new row presenter class.


Nested classes

class DetailsOverviewRowPresenter.ViewHolder

A ViewHolder for the DetailsOverviewRow. 

Inherited constants

Public constructors

DetailsOverviewRowPresenter(Presenter detailsPresenter)

Constructor for a DetailsOverviewRowPresenter.

Public methods

int getBackgroundColor()

Returns the background color.