public static class RowsSupportFragment.MainFragmentAdapter
extends MainFragmentAdapter<RowsSupportFragment>



Public constructors

MainFragmentAdapter(RowsSupportFragment fragment)

Public methods

boolean isScrolling()

Returns whether its scrolling.

void onTransitionEnd()

Callback indicating transition end.

boolean onTransitionPrepare()

Callback indicating transition prepare start.

void onTransitionStart()

Callback indicating transition start.

void setAlignment(int windowAlignOffsetFromTop)

Sets the window alignment and also the pivots for scale operation.

void setEntranceTransitionState(boolean state)

For rows that willing to participate entrance transition, this function hide views if afterTransition is true, show views if afterTransition is false.

void setExpand(boolean expand)

Set the visibility of titles/hover card of browse rows.

Inherited methods