public abstract class IdentityCredential
extends Object


Class used to read data from a previously provisioned credential. Use IdentityCredentialStore.getCredentialByName(String, int) to get a IdentityCredential instance.


Public methods

abstract KeyPair createEphemeralKeyPair()

Create an ephemeral key pair to use to establish a secure channel with a reader.

abstract byte[] decryptMessageFromReader(byte[] messageCiphertext)

Decrypt a message received from the reader.

byte[] delete(byte[] challenge)

Deletes a credential.

abstract byte[] encryptMessageToReader(byte[] messagePlaintext)

Encrypt a message for transmission to the reader.

abstract Collection<X509Certificate> getAuthKeysNeedingCertification()

Gets a collection of dynamic authentication keys that need certification.

abstract int[] getAuthenticationDataUsageCount()

Get the number of times the dynamic authentication keys have been used.

abstract Collection<X509Certificate> getCredentialKeyCertificateChain()

Gets the X.509 certificate chain for the CredentialKey which identifies this credential to the issuing authority.

abstract BiometricPrompt.CryptoObject getCryptoObject()

Gets a BiometricPrompt.CryptoObject which can be used with this IdentityCredential.

abstract ResultData getEntries(byte[] requestMessage, Map<String, Collection<String>> entriesToRequest, byte[] readerSignature)

Retrieve data entries and associated data from this IdentityCredential.

byte[] proveOwnership(byte[] challenge)

Proves ownership of a credential.

abstract void setAllowUsingExhaustedKeys(boolean allowUsingExhaustedKeys)

Sets whether to allow using an authentication key which use count has been exceeded if no other key is available.

void setAllowUsingExpiredKeys(boolean allowUsingExpiredKeys)

Sets whether to allow using an authentication key which has been expired if no other key is available.

abstract void setAvailableAuthenticationKeys(int keyCount, int maxUsesPerKey)

Sets the number of dynamic authentication keys the IdentityCredential will maintain, and the number of times each should be used.

abstract void