public static final class SearchResult.MatchRange
extends Object


Class providing the position range of matching information.

All ranges are finite, and the left side of the range is always <= the right side of the range.

Example: MatchRange(0, 100) represent a hundred ints from 0 to 99."


Public constructors

MatchRange(int start, int end)

Creates a new immutable range.

Public methods

boolean equals(Object other)
int getEnd()

Gets the end point (exclusive).

int getStart()

Gets the start point (inclusive).

int hashCode()
String toString()

Inherited methods

Public constructors


public MatchRange (int start, 
                int end)

Creates a new immutable range.

The endpoints are [start, end); that is the range is bounded. start must be lesser or equal to end.

start int: The start point (inclusive)

end int: The end point (exclusive)

Public methods