public abstract class ServiceWorkerWebSettingsCompat
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.webkit.ServiceWorkerWebSettingsCompat

Manages settings state for all Service Workers. These settings are not tied to the lifetime of any WebView because service workers can outlive WebView instances. The settings are similar to WebSettings but only settings relevant to Service Workers are supported.


Public methods

abstract boolean getAllowContentAccess()

Gets whether Service Workers support content URL access.

abstract boolean getAllowFileAccess()

Gets whether Service Workers support file access.

abstract boolean getBlockNetworkLoads()

Gets whether Service Workers are prohibited from loading any resources from the network.

abstract int getCacheMode()

Gets the current setting for overriding the cache mode.

abstract void setAllowContentAccess(boolean allow)

Enables or disables content URL access from Service Workers.

abstract void setAllowFileAccess(boolean allow)

Enables or disables file access within Service Workers.

abstract void setBlockNetworkLoads(boolean flag)

Sets whether Service Workers should not load resources from the network.

abstract void setCacheMode(int mode)

Overrides the way the cache is used.

Inherited methods