public final class ActivityResultContracts.StartIntentSenderForResult extends ActivityResultContract

An ActivityResultContract that calls Activity.startIntentSender.

This ActivityResultContract takes an IntentSenderRequest, which must be constructed using an IntentSenderRequest.Builder.

If the call to Activity.startIntentSenderForResult throws an android.content.IntentSender.SendIntentException the androidx.activity.result.ActivityResultCallback will receive an ActivityResult with an Activity.RESULT_CANCELEDresultCode and whose intent has the action of ACTION_INTENT_SENDER_REQUEST and an extra EXTRA_SEND_INTENT_EXCEPTION that contains the thrown exception.


Public constructors

Public methods

@NonNull Intent

Create an intent that can be used for

@NonNull ActivityResult
parseResult(int resultCode, Intent intent)

Convert result obtained from to O.

Inherited methods

From class ActivityResultContract
ActivityResultContract.SynchronousResult<@NonNull ActivityResult>

An optional method you can implement that can be used to potentially provide a result in lieu of starting an activity.

Public constructors