public class SliceUtils
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.slice.SliceUtils

Utilities for dealing with slices.


Nested classes

class SliceUtils.SerializeOptions

Holds options for how to handle SliceItems that cannot be serialized. 

interface SliceUtils.SliceActionListener

A listener used to receive events on slices parsed with SliceUtils.parseSlice(Context, InputStream, String, SliceActionListener)

class SliceUtils.SliceParseException

Exception thrown during SliceUtils.parseSlice(Context, InputStream, String, SliceActionListener)

Public methods

static Slice parseSlice(Context context, InputStream input, String encoding, SliceUtils.SliceActionListener listener)

Parse a slice that has been previously serialized.

static void serializeSlice(Slice s, Context context, OutputStream output, SliceUtils.SerializeOptions options)

Serialize a slice to an OutputStream.

static Slice stripSlice(Slice s, int mode, boolean isScrollable)

Attempt to remove any extra content from the slice.

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