public static class BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.biometric.BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo

A set of configurable options for how the BiometricPrompt should appear and behave.


Nested classes

class BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo.Builder

A builder used to set individual options for the BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo class. 

Public methods

int getAllowedAuthenticators()

Gets the type(s) of authenticators that may be invoked by the prompt.

CharSequence getDescription()

Gets the description for the prompt.

CharSequence getNegativeButtonText()

Gets the text for the negative button on the prompt.

CharSequence getSubtitle()

Gets the subtitle for the prompt.

CharSequence getTitle()

Gets the title for the prompt.

boolean isConfirmationRequired()

Checks if the confirmation required option is enabled for the prompt.

boolean isDeviceCredentialAllowed()

This method is deprecated. Will be removed with BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo.Builder.setDeviceCredentialAllowed(boolean).

Inherited methods