public static final class AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig.Builder
extends Object


Builder for AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig.


Public constructors

Builder(String propertyName)

Creates a new AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig.Builder.

Public methods

AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig build()

Constructs a new AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig from the contents of this builder.

AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig.Builder setCardinality(int cardinality)

The cardinality of the property (whether it is optional, required or repeated).

AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig.Builder setIndexingType(int indexingType)

Configures how a property should be indexed so that it can be retrieved by queries.

AppSearchSchema.StringPropertyConfig.Builder setTokenizerType(int tokenizerType)

Configures how this property should be tokenized (split into words).

Inherited methods

Public constructors


public Builder (String propertyName)

Creates a new AppSearchS