public final class Configuration
extends Object


The Configuration object used to customize WorkManager upon initialization. Configuration contains various parameters used to setup WorkManager. For example, it is possible to customize the Executor used by Workers here.

To set a custom Configuration for WorkManager, see WorkManager.initialize(Context, Configuration).


Nested classes

class Configuration.Builder

A Builder for Configurations. 

interface Configuration.Provider

A class that can provide the Configuration for WorkManager and allow for on-demand initialization of WorkManager. 



The minimum number of system requests which can be enqueued by WorkManager when using JobScheduler or AlarmManager.

Public methods

String getDefaultProcessName()
Executor getExecutor()

Gets the Executor used by WorkManager to execute Workers.

InputMergerFactory getInputMergerFactory()
int getMaxJobSchedulerId()

Gets the last valid id when scheduling work with JobScheduler.

int getMinJobSchedulerId()

Gets the first valid id used when scheduling work with JobScheduler.

RunnableScheduler getRunnableScheduler()
Executor getTaskExecutor()

Gets the Executor used by WorkManager for all its internal business logic.

WorkerFactory getWorkerFactory()

Gets the WorkerFactory used by WorkManager to create ListenableWorkers.

Inherited methods