public class AnticipateOvershootInterpolator
extends Object implements Interpolator

   ↳ androidx.core.animation.AnticipateOvershootInterpolator

An interpolator where the change starts backward then flings forward and overshoots the target value and finally goes back to the final value.


Public constructors


Creates a new instance of AnticipateOvershootInterpolator with slight anticipate and overshoot.

AnticipateOvershootInterpolator(float tension)

Creates a new instance of AnticipateOvershootInterpolator.

AnticipateOvershootInterpolator(float tension, float extraTension)

Creates a new instance of AnticipateOvershootInterpolator.

AnticipateOvershootInterpolator(Context context, AttributeSet attrs)

Public methods

float getInterpolation(float input)

Maps a value representing the elapsed fraction of an animation to a value that represents the interpolated fraction.

Inherited methods

Public constructors