public abstract class PlaybackGlue
extends Object


Base class for abstraction of media play/pause feature. A subclass of PlaybackGlue will contain implementation of Media Player or a connection to playback Service. App initializes PlaybackGlue subclass, associated it with a PlaybackGlueHost. PlaybackGlueHost is typically implemented by a Fragment or an Activity, it provides the environment to render UI for PlaybackGlue object, it optionally provides SurfaceHolder via SurfaceHolderGlueHost to render video. A typical PlaybackGlue should release resources (e.g. MediaPlayer or connection to playback Service) in onDetachedFromHost(). onDetachedFromHost() is called in two cases:

In rare case if an PlaybackGlue wants to live outside fragment / activity life cycle, it may manages resource release by itself.

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Nested classes

class PlaybackGlue.PlayerCallback

Interface to allow clients to take action once the video is ready to play and start stop. 

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