public static final class LongMessageTemplate.Builder
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.car.app.model.LongMessageTemplate.Builder

A builder of LongMessageTemplate.


Public constructors

Builder(CharSequence message)

Returns a LongMessageTemplate.Builder instance.

Public methods

LongMessageTemplate.Builder addAction(Action action)

Adds an Action to display along with the message.

LongMessageTemplate build()

Constructs the LongMessageTemplate defined by this builder.

LongMessageTemplate.Builder setActionStrip(ActionStrip actionStrip)

Sets the ActionStrip for this template or null to not display an ActionStrip.

LongMessageTemplate.Builder setHeaderAction(Action headerAction)

Sets the Action that will be displayed in the header of the template.

LongMessageTemplate.Builder setTitle(CharSequence title)

Sets the title of the template.

Inherited methods