public static final class CameraXConfig.Builder
extends Object


A builder for generating CameraXConfig objects.


Public methods

CameraXConfig build()

Builds an immutable CameraXConfig from the current state.

static CameraXConfig.Builder fromConfig(CameraXConfig configuration)

Generates a Builder from another CameraXConfig object

CameraXConfig.Builder setAvailableCamerasLimiter(CameraSelector availableCameraSelector)

Sets a CameraSelector to determine the available cameras, thus defining which cameras can be used in the application.

CameraXConfig.Builder setCameraExecutor(Executor executor)

Sets an executor which CameraX will use to drive the camera stack.

CameraXConfig.Builder setMinimumLoggingLevel(int logLevel)

Sets the minimum logging level to be used for CameraX logs.

CameraXConfig.Builder setSchedulerHandler(Handler handler)

Sets a handler that CameraX will use internally for scheduling future tasks.

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