public static final class BrowserActionsIntent.Builder
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.browser.browseractions.BrowserActionsIntent.Builder

Builder class for opening a Browser Actions context menu.


Public constructors

Builder(Context context, Uri uri)

Constructs a BrowserActionsIntent.Builder object associated with default setting for a selected url.

Public methods

BrowserActionsIntent build()

Combines all the options that have been set and returns a new BrowserActionsIntent object.

BrowserActionsIntent.Builder setCustomItems(ArrayList<BrowserActionItem> items)

Sets the custom items list.

BrowserActionsIntent.Builder setCustomItems(BrowserActionItem... items)

Sets the custom items list.

BrowserActionsIntent.Builder setOnItemSelectedAction(PendingIntent onItemSelectedPendingIntent)

Set the PendingIntent to be launched when a a browser specified menu item is selected.

BrowserActionsIntent.Builder setUrlType(int type)

Sets the type of Browser Actions context menu.

Inherited methods

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