public abstract @interface HiltWorker
implements Annotation


A type annotation that identifies a ListenableWorker's constructor for injection.

The Worker will be available for creation by the HiltWorkerFactory that should be set in WorkManager's configuration via Configuration.Builder.setWorkerFactory(androidx.work.WorkerFactory). The HiltWorker containing a constructor annotated with AssistedInject will have its dependencies defined in the constructor parameters injected by Dagger's Hilt.


 public class UploadWorker extends Worker {
     public UploadWorker(@Assisted Context context, @Assisted WorkerParameters params,
             HttpClient httpClient) {
         // ...
 public class MyApplication extends Application implements Configuration.Provider {
     @Inject HiltWorkerFactory workerFactory;

     public Configuration getWorkManagerConfiguration() {
         return Configuration.Builder()

Only one constructor in the Worker must be annotated with AssistedInject. The constructor must define parameters for a Assisted-annotated Context and a Assisted-annotated WorkerParameters along with any other dependencies. Both the Context and WorkerParameters must not be a type param of Provider nor Lazy and must not be qualified.

Only dependencies available in the SingletonComponent can be injected into the Worker.


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