public static final class NotificationCompat.MessagingStyle.Message
extends Object



Public constructors

Message(CharSequence text, long timestamp, Person person)

Creates a new NotificationCompat.MessagingStyle.Message with the given text, timestamp, and sender.

Message(CharSequence text, long timestamp, CharSequence sender)

This constructor is deprecated. Use the alternative constructor instead.

Public methods

String getDataMimeType()

Get the MIME type of the data pointed to by the URI.

Uri getDataUri()

Get the the Uri pointing to the content of the message.

Bundle getExtras()

Get the extras Bundle for this message.

Person getPerson()

Returns the Person sender of this message.

CharSequence getSender()

This method is deprecated. Use getPerson()

CharSequence getText()

Get the text to be used for this message, or the fallback text if a type and content Uri have been set

long getTimestamp()

Get the time at which this message arrived in ms since Unix epoch.

NotificationCompat.MessagingStyle.Message setData(String dataMimeType, Uri dataUri)

Sets a binary blob of data and an associated MIME type for a message.

Inherited methods