public class PlaybackControlsRow
extends Row

   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.Row
     ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.PlaybackControlsRow

A Row of playback controls to be displayed by a PlaybackControlsRowPresenter. This row consists of some optional item detail, a series of primary actions, and an optional series of secondary actions.

Controls are specified via an ObjectAdapter containing one or more Actions.

Adapters should have their PresenterSelector set to an instance of ControlButtonPresenterSelector.


Nested classes

class PlaybackControlsRow.ClosedCaptioningAction

An action for displaying a CC (Closed Captioning) icon. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.FastForwardAction

An action displaying an icon for fast forward. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.HighQualityAction

An action for displaying a HQ (High Quality) icon. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.MoreActions

An action displaying an icon for "more actions". 

class PlaybackControlsRow.MultiAction

Base class for an action comprised of a series of icons. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.OnPlaybackProgressCallback

Listener for progress or duration change. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.PictureInPictureAction

An action displaying an icon for picture-in-picture. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.PlayPauseAction

An action displaying icons for play and pause. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.RepeatAction

An action for displaying three repeat states: none, one, or all. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.RewindAction

An action displaying an icon for rewind. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.ShuffleAction

An action for displaying a shuffle icon. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.SkipNextAction

An action displaying an icon for skip next. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.SkipPreviousAction

An action displaying an icon for skip previous. 

class PlaybackControlsRow.ThumbsAction