public static final enum CameraState.ErrorType
extends Enum<CameraState.ErrorType>

   ↳ java.lang.Enum<>

Types of errors the camera can encounter.

CameraX tries to recover from recoverable errors, which include CameraState.ERROR_CAMERA_IN_USE, CameraState.ERROR_MAX_CAMERAS_IN_USE and CameraState.ERROR_OTHER_RECOVERABLE_ERROR. The rest of the errors are critical, and require the intervention of the developer or user to restore camera function. These errors include CameraState.ERROR_STREAM_CONFIG, CameraState.ERROR_CAMERA_DISABLED, CameraState.ERROR_CAMERA_FATAL_ERROR and CameraState.ERROR_DO_NOT_DISTURB_MODE_ENABLED.


Enum values

CameraState.ErrorType  CRITICAL

An error the camera encountered that CameraX will not attempt to recover from. 

CameraState.ErrorType  RECOVERABLE

An error the camera encountered that CameraX will attempt to recover from. 

Public methods

static CameraState.ErrorType valueOf(String name)
static final ErrorType[] values()

Inherited methods