public static final class PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder
extends Object


A builder of PlaceListMapTemplate.


Public constructors


Returns an empty PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder instance.

Public methods

PlaceListMapTemplate build()

Constructs the template defined by this builder.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setActionStrip(ActionStrip actionStrip)

Sets the ActionStrip for this template.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setAnchor(Place anchor)

Sets the anchor maker on the map.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setCurrentLocationEnabled(boolean isEnabled)

Sets whether to show the current location in the map.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setHeaderAction(Action headerAction)

Sets the Action that will be displayed in the header of the template.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setItemList(ItemList itemList)

Sets an ItemList to show in a list view along with the map.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setLoading(boolean isLoading)

Sets whether the template is in a loading state.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setOnContentRefreshListener(OnContentRefreshListener onContentRefreshListener)

Sets the OnContentRefreshListener to call when the user requests for the list contents to be refreshed in this template.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setTitle(CharSequence title)

Sets the title of the template.

PlaceListMapTemplate.Builder setTitle(CarText title)

Sets the title of the template, with support for multiple length variants.

Inherited methods