public final class ImageProxyTransformFactory
extends Object


Factory for extracting transform info from ImageProxy.

This class is for extracting a OutputTransform from an ImageProxy object. The OutputTransform represents the transform being applied to the original camera buffer, which can be used by CoordinateTransform to transform coordinates between UseCases.


Public constructors


Public methods

OutputTransform getOutputTransform(ImageProxy imageProxy)

Extracts the transform from the given ImageProxy.

boolean isUsingCropRect()

Whether the factory respects the value of ImageProxy.getCropRect().

boolean isUsingRotationDegrees()

Whether the factory respects the value of ImageInfo.getRotationDegrees().

void setUsingCropRect(boolean usingCropRect)

Whether to use the crop rect of the ImageProxy.

void setUsingRotationDegrees(boolean usingRotationDegrees)

Whether to use the rotation degrees of the ImageProxy.

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