public static final class ConcatAdapter.Config
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.recyclerview.widget.ConcatAdapter.Config

The configuration object for a ConcatAdapter.


Nested classes

class ConcatAdapter.Config.Builder

The builder for ConcatAdapter.Config class. 

enum ConcatAdapter.Config.StableIdMode

Defines how ConcatAdapter handle stable ids (RecyclerView.Adapter.hasStableIds()). 


public static final ConcatAdapter.Config DEFAULT

Default configuration for ConcatAdapter where isolateViewTypes is set to true and stableIdMode is set to ConcatAdapter.Config.StableIdMode.NO_STABLE_IDS.

public final boolean isolateViewTypes

If false, ConcatAdapter assumes all assigned adapters share a global view type pool such that they use the same view types to refer to the same RecyclerView.ViewHolders.

public final ConcatAdapter.Config.StableIdMode stableIdMode

Defines whether the ConcatAdapter should support stable ids or not (RecyclerView.Adapter.hasStableIds().

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