public class TransitionValues
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.transition.TransitionValues

Data structure which holds cached values for the transition. The view field is the target which all of the values pertain to. The values field is a map which holds information for fields according to names selected by the transitions. These names should be unique to avoid clobbering values stored by other transitions, such as the convention project:transition_name:property_name. For example, the platform might store a property "alpha" in a transition "Fader" as "android:fader:alpha".

These values are cached during the Transition.captureStartValues(TransitionValues) capture} phases of a scene change, once when the start values are captured and again when the end values are captured. These start/end values are then passed into the transitions via the for Transition.createAnimator(android.view.ViewGroup, TransitionValues, TransitionValues) method.



public final Map<String, Object> values

The set of values tracked by transitions for this scene

public View view

The View with these values

Public constructors


This constructor is deprecated. Use TransitionValues(View) instead

TransitionValues(View view)

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