public final class SearchTemplate
extends Object implements Template


A model that allows the user to enter text searches, and can display results in a list.

Template Restrictions

In regards to template refreshes, as described in Screen.onGetTemplate(), this template supports any content changes as refreshes. This allows apps to interactively update the search results as the user types without the templates being counted against the quota.


Nested classes

class SearchTemplate.Builder

A builder of SearchTemplate

interface SearchTemplate.SearchCallback

A listener for search updates. 

Public methods

boolean equals(Object other)
ActionStrip getActionStrip()

Returns the ActionStrip for this template or null if not set.

Action getHeaderAction()

Returns the Action that is set to be displayed in the header of the template, or null if not set.

String getInitialSearchText()

Returns the optional initial search text.

ItemList getItemList()

Returns the ItemList for search results or null if not set.

SearchCallbackDelegate getSearchCallbackDelegate()

Returns the SearchCallbackDelegate for search callbacks.

String getSearchHint()

Returns the optional search hint.

int hashCode()
boolean isLoading()

Returns whether the template is loading.

boolean isShowKeyboardByDefault()

Returns whether to show the keyboard by default.

String toString()

Inherited methods