Consumer<T> Compat version of Consumer 
Pools.Pool<T> Interface for managing a pool of objects. 
Predicate<T> Compat version of Predicate 
Supplier<T> Compat version of Supplier 


AtomicFile Static library support version of the framework's AtomicFile, a helper class for performing atomic operations on a file by writing to a new file and renaming it into the place of the original file after the write has successfully completed. 
ObjectsCompat This class consists of static utility methods for operating on objects. 
Pair<F, S> Container to ease passing around a tuple of two objects. 
PatternsCompat Commonly used regular expression patterns. 
Pools Helper class for creating pools of objects. 
Pools.SimplePool<T> Simple (non-synchronized) pool of objects. 
Pools.SynchronizedPool<T> Synchronized) pool of objects. 
SizeFCompat Immutable class for describing width and height dimensions in some arbitrary unit.