AccessControlProfile A class used to specify access controls. 
AccessControlProfile.Builder A builder for AccessControlProfile
AccessControlProfileId A class used to wrap an access control profile identifiers. 
IdentityCredential Class used to read data from a previously provisioned credential. 
IdentityCredentialStore An interface to a secure store for user identity documents. 
IdentityCredentialStoreCapabilities A class that supports querying the capabilities of a IdentityCredentialStore as implemented in secure hardware or in software (backed by Android Keystore). 
PersonalizationData An object that holds personalization data. 
PersonalizationData.Builder A builder for PersonalizationData
ResultData An object that contains the result of retrieving data from a credential. 
WritableIdentityCredential Class used to personalize a new identity credential. 


AlreadyPersonalizedException Thrown if trying to create a credential which already exists. 
CipherSuiteNotSupportedException Thrown if trying to use a cipher suite which isn't supported. 
DocTypeNotSupportedException Thrown if trying to create a credential with an unsupported document type. 
EphemeralPublicKeyNotFoundException Thrown if the ephemeral public key was not found in the session transcript passed to IdentityCredential.getEntries(byte[], Map, byte[])
IdentityCredentialException Base class for all Identity Credential exceptions. 
InvalidReaderSignatureException Thrown if the reader signature is invalid, or it doesn't contain a certificate chain, or if the signature failed to validate. 
InvalidRequestMessageException Thrown if message with the request doesn't satisfy the requirements documented in IdentityCredential.getEntries(byte[], Map, byte[])
MessageDecryptionException Thrown when failing to decrypt a message from the reader device. 
NoAuthenticationKeyAvailableException Thrown if no dynamic authentication keys are available. 
UnknownAuthenticationKeyException Thrown if trying to certify an unknown dynamic authentication key.