public static final class WebViewAssetLoader.ResourcesPathHandler
extends Object implements WebViewAssetLoader.PathHandler

   ↳ androidx.webkit.WebViewAssetLoader.ResourcesPathHandler

Handler class to open a file from resources directory in the application APK.


Public constructors

ResourcesPathHandler(Context context)

Public methods

WebResourceResponse handle(String path)

Opens the requested file from application's resources directory.

Inherited methods

Public constructors


public ResourcesPathHandler (Context context)

context Context: Context used to resolve resources.

Public methods


public WebResourceResponse handle (String path)

Opens the requested file from application's resources directory.

The matched prefix path used shouldn't be a prefix of a real web path. Thus, if the requested file cannot be found a WebResourceResponse object with a null InputStream will be returned instead of null. This saves the time of falling back to network and trying to resolve a path that doesn't exist. A WebResourceResponse with null InputStream will be received as an HTTP response with status code 404 and no body.

The MIME type for the file will be determined from the file's extension using URLConnection.guessContentTypeFromName(String). Developers should ensure that resource files are named using standard file extensions. If the file does not have a recognised extension, "text/plain" will be used by default.

path String: the suffix path to be handled.

WebResourceResponse WebResourceResponse for the requested file.