AudioAttributesCompat A class to encapsulate a collection of attributes describing information about an audio stream. 
AudioAttributesCompat.Builder Builder class for AudioAttributesCompat objects. 
AudioFocusRequestCompat Compatibility version of an AudioFocusRequest
AudioFocusRequestCompat.Builder Builder class for AudioFocusRequestCompat objects. 
AudioManagerCompat Compatibility library for AudioManager with fallbacks for older platforms. 
MediaBrowserServiceCompat Base class for media browse services. 
MediaBrowserServiceCompat.BrowserRoot Contains information that the browser service needs to send to the client when first connected. 
MediaBrowserServiceCompat.Result<T> Completion handler for asynchronous callback methods in MediaBrowserServiceCompat
MediaSessionManager Provides support for interacting with media sessions that applications have published to express their ongoing media playback state. 
MediaSessionManager.RemoteUserInfo Information of a remote user of MediaSessionCompat or MediaBrowserServiceCompat
VolumeProviderCompat Handles requests to adjust or set the volume on a session. 
VolumeProviderCompat.Callback Listens for changes to the volume.