public static final class InputSignInMethod.Builder
extends Object


A builder of InputSignInMethod.


Public constructors

Builder(InputCallback listener)

Returns an InputSignInMethod.Builder instance.

Public methods

InputSignInMethod build()

Builds an InputSignInMethod instance.

InputSignInMethod.Builder setDefaultValue(String defaultValue)

Sets the default value for this input.

InputSignInMethod.Builder setErrorMessage(CharSequence message)

Sets the error message associated with this input box.

InputSignInMethod.Builder setHint(CharSequence hint)

Sets the text explaining to the user what should be entered in this input box.

InputSignInMethod.Builder setInputType(int inputType)

Sets the input type.

InputSignInMethod.Builder setKeyboardType(int keyboardType)

Sets the keyboard type to display when this input box gets focused.

InputSignInMethod.Builder setShowKeyboardByDefault(boolean showKeyboardByDefault)

Sets whether keyboard should be opened by default when this template is presented.

Inherited methods