public abstract class ReceivedKeyedAppState
extends Object


A keyed app state received from an app. This contains all of the information added by the app to the KeyedAppState as well as the packageName and timestamp added when the state was received.


Nested classes

class ReceivedKeyedAppState.ReceivedKeyedAppStateBuilder

The builder for ReceivedKeyedAppState

Public methods

static ReceivedKeyedAppState.ReceivedKeyedAppStateBuilder builder()

Create a ReceivedKeyedAppState.ReceivedKeyedAppStateBuilder.

abstract String getData()

See KeyedAppState.getData()

abstract String getKey()

See KeyedAppState.getKey()

abstract String getMessage()

See KeyedAppState.getMessage()

abstract String getPackageName()

The name of the package which submitted the states.

abstract int getSeverity()

See KeyedAppState.getSeverity()

abstract long getTimestamp()

The unix timestamp, in milliseconds, when the states were received.

Inherited methods