public final class Step
extends Object


Represents a step that the driver should take in order to remain on the current navigation route.

Example of steps are turning onto a street, taking a highway exit and merging onto a different highway, or continuing straight through a roundabout.


Nested classes

class Step.Builder

A builder of Step

Public methods

boolean equals(Object other)
CarText getCue()

Returns the text description of this maneuver or null if not set.

List<Lane> getLanes()

Returns a list of Lane that contains information of the road lanes at the point where the driver should execute this step.

CarIcon getLanesImage()

Returns the image representing all the lanes or null if not set.

Maneuver getManeuver()

Returns the maneuver to be performed on this step or null if this step doesn't involve a maneuver.

CarText getRoad()

Returns the text description of the road for the step or null if unknown.

int hashCode()
String toString()

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