CarInfo Manages access to car hardware specific info such as model, energy, and speed info. 
CarSensors Manages access to specific sensors such as compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope. 


Accelerometer Information about car specific accelerometers available from the car hardware. 
CarHardwareLocation Information about car specific car location available from the car hardware. 
Compass Information about car specific compass available from the car hardware. 
EnergyLevel Information of the energy (fuel and battery) levels from the car hardware. 
EnergyLevel.Builder A builder of EnergyLevel
EnergyProfile Information about car hardware fuel profile such as fuel types and connector ports. 
EnergyProfile.Builder A builder of EnergyProfile
Gyroscope Information about car specific gyroscopes available from the car hardware. 
Mileage Information about car mileage. 
Mileage.Builder A builder of Mileage
Model Information about the model such as name, year and manufacturer. 
Model.Builder A builder of Model
Speed Information about the current car speed. 
Speed.Builder A builder of Speed
TollCard Information about toll card capabilities in a car. 
TollCard.Builder A builder of TollCard