public static abstract class CameraState.StateError
extends Object


Error that the camera has encountered.

The camera may report an error when it's in one of the following states: CameraState.Type.OPENING, CameraState.Type.OPEN, CameraState.Type.CLOSING and CameraState.Type.CLOSED.

CameraX attempts to recover from certain errors it encounters when opening the camera device, in these instances, the error is recoverable, otherwise, the error is critical.

When CameraX encounters a critical error, the developer and/or user must intervene to restore camera function. When the error is recoverable, the developer and/or user can still aid in the recovery process, as shown in the following table.

State Error Code Recoverable How to handle it
CameraState.Type.OPEN ERROR_STREAM_CONFIG No Make sure you set up your use cases correctly.
CameraState.Type.OPENING ERROR_CAMERA_IN_USE Yes Close the camera, or ask the user to close another camera app that is using the camera.
CameraState.Type.OPENING ERROR_MAX_CAMERAS_IN_USE Yes Close another open camera in the app, or ask the user to close another camera app that's using the camera.
CameraState.Type.CLOSING ERROR_CAMERA_DISABLED No Ask the user to enable the device's cameras.
CameraState.Type.CLOSING ERROR_CAMERA_FATAL_ERROR No Ask the user to reboot the device to restore camera function.
CameraState.Type.CLOSED ERROR_DO_NOT_DISTURB_MODE_ENABLED No Ask the user to disable "Do Not Disturb" mode, then open the camera again.


Public constructors


Public methods

static CameraState.StateError create(int error, Throwable cause)

Creates a CameraState.StateError with an error code and a cause.

static CameraState.StateError create(int error)

Creates a CameraState.StateError with an error code.

abstract Throwable getCause()

Returns a potential cause of this error.

abstract int getCode()

Returns the code of this error.

CameraState.ErrorType getType()

Returns the type of this error.

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