public final class RemoteActionCompat
extends Object implements VersionedParcelable


Represents a remote action that can be called from another process. The action can have an associated visualization including metadata like an icon or title.

This is a backward-compatible version of RemoteAction.


Public constructors

RemoteActionCompat(IconCompat icon, CharSequence title, CharSequence contentDescription, PendingIntent intent)
RemoteActionCompat(RemoteActionCompat other)

Constructs a RemoteActionCompat using data from other.

Public methods

static RemoteActionCompat createFromRemoteAction(RemoteAction remoteAction)

Creates an RemoteActionCompat from a RemoteAction.

PendingIntent getActionIntent()

Return the action intent.

CharSequence getContentDescription()

Return a content description representing the action.

IconCompat getIcon()

Return an icon representing the action.

CharSequence getTitle()

Return an title representing the action.

boolean isEnabled()

Return whether this action is enabled.

void setEnabled(boolean enabled)

Sets whether this action is enabled.

void setShouldShowIcon(boolean shouldShowIcon)

Sets whether the icon should be shown.

boolean shouldShowIcon()

Return whether the icon should be shown.

RemoteAction toRemoteAction()

Convert this compat object to RemoteAction object.

Inherited methods