public static final class InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.autofill.inline.v1.InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder

Builder for the InlineSuggestionUi.Style.



protected final Bundle mBundle

Public methods

InlineSuggestionUi.Style build()

Returns a subclass of BundledStyle built by this builder.

InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder setChipStyle(ViewStyle chipStyle)

Sets the chip style.

InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder setEndIconStyle(ImageViewStyle endIconStyle)

Sets the end icon style.

InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder setLayoutDirection(int layoutDirection)

Sets the layout direction for the UI.

InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder setSingleIconChipIconStyle(ImageViewStyle iconStyle)

Sets the icon style for the case where there is a single icon and no text in the chip.

InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder setSingleIconChipStyle(ViewStyle chipStyle)

Sets the chip style for the case where there is a single icon and no text.

InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder setStartIconStyle(ImageViewStyle startIconStyle)

Sets the start icon style.

InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder setSubtitleStyle(TextViewStyle subtitleStyle)

Sets the subtitle style.

InlineSuggestionUi.Style.Builder setTitleStyle(TextViewStyle titleStyle)

Sets the title style.

Inherited methods