public abstract @interface ExperimentalCamera2Interop
implements Annotation


Denotes that the annotated method uses the experimental methods which allow direct access to camera2 classes.

The Camera2Interop and Camera2Interop.Extender exposes the underlying instances of camera2 classes such CameraDevice.StateCallback, CameraCaptureSession.StateCallback and CameraCaptureSession.CaptureCallback. In addition the configs allow setting of camera2 CaptureRequest parameters. However, CameraX does not provide any guarantee on how it operates on these parameters. The ordering and number of times these objects might in order to best optimize the top level behavior.

The values from the callbacks should only be read. Methods that modify the CameraDevice or CameraCaptureSession will likely move CameraX into an inconsistent internal state.

These will be changed in future release possibly, hence add @Experimental annotation.


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