interface InteractiveWatchFaceClient

Controls a stateful remote interactive watch face. Typically this will be used for the current active watch face.

Note clients should call close when finished.


Nested types


Callback that observes when the client disconnects.


Interface passed to addOnWatchFaceReadyListener which calls OnWatchFaceReadyListener.onWatchFaceReady when the watch face is ready to render.

Public fields

abstract @NonNull Map<@NonNull Integer, @NonNull ComplicationSlotState>

Map of androidx.wear.watchface.ComplicationSlot ids to ComplicationSlotState for each ComplicationSlot registered with the watch face's ComplicationSlotsManager.

abstract @NonNull List<@NonNull ContentDescriptionLabel>

Returns the ContentDescriptionLabels describing the watch face, for the use by screen readers.

abstract @NonNull String

Returns the ID of this watch face instance.

abstract @NonNull Instant

The UTC reference preview time for this watch face in milliseconds since the epoch.

abstract @NonNull UserStyleSchema

The watch face's UserStyleSchema.

Public methods

abstract @AnyThread void

Registers a ClientDisconnectListener.

abstract void

Registers a OnWatchFaceReadyListener which gets called when the watch face is ready to render.

default Integer
getComplicationIdAt(@Px int x, @Px int y)

Returns the ID of the androidx.wear.watchface.ComplicationSlot at the given coordinates or null if ther