public final class SavedStateRegistryController
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.savedstate.SavedStateRegistryController

An API for SavedStateRegistryOwner implementations to control SavedStateRegistry.

SavedStateRegistryOwner should call performRestore(Bundle) to restore state of SavedStateRegistry and performSave(Bundle) to gather SavedState from it.


Public methods

static SavedStateRegistryController create(SavedStateRegistryOwner owner)

Creates a SavedStateRegistryController.

SavedStateRegistry getSavedStateRegistry()

Returns controlled SavedStateRegistry

void performAttach()

Perform the initial, one time attachment necessary to configure this SavedStateRegistry.

void performRestore(Bundle savedState)

An interface for an owner of this SavedStateRegistry to restore saved state.

void performSave(Bundle outBundle)

An interface for an owner of this SavedStateRegistry to perform state saving, it will call all registered providers and merge with unconsumed state.

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